Our culture

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临, derived from the English initials of Democracy and Science.

At 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临, we advocate a democratic and innovative way of thinking, scientific and rigorous working methods, and strive to create an equal, open, respectful and cooperative working environment for employees, so that employees can work happily and efficiently. This highly humanized corporate culture has created great opportunities for self-development for all employees at 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临!

Our mission

Empower the brand

Through scientific and systematic communication management, we provide professional, complete, high-quality and fast brand communication services for customers.

Our vision

Committed to becoming the leading marketing communications group best at integrating digital mass content.

Our talent

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 brings together more than 1,000 outstanding talents from various fields and professions.

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 pays special attention to employee satisfaction and believes that only satisfied employees can satisfy our customers. At the same time, 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 raised the training of talents to a strategic level and held the “Huangpu Grand Lecture Hall” for grassroots employees, the “Huangpu Elite Training Camp” for middle management, and the “EMBA Executive Training Program” for senior management. We aim to provide professional services to customers through professional and systematic training of our employees.