Brand management

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 has the “5C Rapid Positioning Method” and “Funnel Model”, which distinguish itself in the industry. It is based on “Brand Architects in the Digital Age” and can provide a full range of brand management consulting and design services, such as strategic brand management, brand strategic planning, brand positioning, brand naming, brand logo design, brand integrated marketing communication, etc. to help customers comprehensively improve brand reputation and value, and ultimately foster consumers' bond with the brand.

Content marketing

Through the “Central Kitchen “of mass content management platform, 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 uses big data tools to consolidate terminal marketing scenarios, build output ecosystem with big content integration, and stimulate audience participation by pushing unique content, guiding the topic evolution and generating continuous resonance. 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 content marketing emphasizes user mindset, social mindset and big data mindset, creating content that is worthy of sharing, topical, and can generate lasting interaction.

IP cooperation

The 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 IP Center is dedicated to IP research and IP pool construction from copyright to content, from sponsorship to product placement, IP integration and IP incubation. It now includes video entertainment, sports events, celebrity artists, famous brands, exclusive scenes, etc. With more than 3,000 resources, we are committed to providing more valuable resource recommendations for our customers. Through continuous interpretation and exploration of IP content, we strive to integrate and reshape our superior IP resources, create new IPs, and continue to deliver valuable content to our customers.

Film and Television placement

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 Film and Television upholds the principle of effective integration, with public relations as its base and big data as its tool. Through professional evaluation of TV drama, film, variety show and other forms of entertainment, we create high value content in the script creation period, placement bidding period, shooting period, production period, license acquisition period, promotional period and broadcasting period, which deeply connects the consumer demand, enterprise demand and film and television marketing, creates a closed-loop of entertainment marketing from the user to the brand to the film and television, and accomplishes the comprehensive upgrade of content model, structure, and value.

Big data marketing

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 actively integrates multi-party high-quality data resources and independently develops automated marketing systems to form a whole value chain service system from consumer insight to content creativity, precise advertising, web communication, social marketing, KOL and online celebrity communication, search engine optimization, and e-commerce. We maximizes the customer's business value through a one-stop digital integrated marketing service, providing customers with more professional integrated marketing solutions for brand and product communication in the digital age.

Public relations communication

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 public relations communication service is characterized with its integrated expertise, effectiveness, and reliance on years of accumulated professional resource and execution advantages. It can not only provide integrated strategies and efficient execution for customers' large-scale communication campaigns, but also meet specific needs of the customer by providing tailored communication for a specific period of time.

Social marketing

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 uses EDO public opinion big data and external data cloud and database to clearly communicate and share objects, participate in the creation of scenes and content with the audience, and continuously share and interact through social media, resulting in secondary and multiple communication. At the same time, let word of mouth become the driver of the brand, by building a sense of participation, let users play with the brand, become a participant in corporate marketing, a promoter of corporate brand and product.

CEO image management

塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 manages the customer's reputation from the strategic level, and comprehensively manage the reputation of customers through brand strategy consulting, public relations communication, integrated marketing communication, digital marketing, social communication, social responsibility communication, crisis management, and public opinion monitoring, etc.

Government Relations

Through in-depth research and analysis on macroeconomic policies, regulatory policies, and industry policies, 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 helps companies to formulate and implement government relations strategies to achieve internal and external goals and create a good external environment for company development. 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临's government relations services include, but are not limited to, strategic consulting, policy research, decision support, communication, relationship maintenance, high-end meetings, concept output, and resource provision.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Relying on the rich resources of CSR experts, charitable foundations and NGO resources, as well as the guidelines of the triple bottom line theory, ISO26000 social responsibility guide, stakeholder theory, GRI sustainability report guidelines, etc., 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临's corporate social responsibility services include but not limited to CSR strategic planning, CSR project planning, CSR project execution, CSR communication, public welfare marketing, CSR report writing and publication, CSR award reporting and dissemination.

Crisis management

With a team of communication and crisis management experts, we has rich experience and resources in crisis management, and has provided crisis management services for many famous companies. The industry-leading eMonitor public opinion management system owned by 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 is controlled by 7×24×365 all-weather global real-time monitoring, so that public opinion and negative information can be monitored in real time.
Exclusively launched a major crisis management model
3.0: D (Damage) = F (news facts) × M&A (motivation and attitude) + C (channel of communication) × Q (quantity of transmissions), proposing to reduce the value of news, avoid agitating attitudes, reduce the amount of weighted media and ordinary media.
Put forward five major coping principles in the crisis management 3.0 era
The five major coping principles of system operation, timely response, respect for life and consumers, seize the chance to speak first, and do not tell lies.
Provide customers with four-level daily crisis prevention and control system
Through the four-level prevention and control services of media relationship management, government relationship management, internal training and speech management, and network-wide monitoring, we can achieve the routine management of the crisis.

Advertising creativity

Since 2014, 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 has made into the top tier of China's leading public relations and advertising companies, and a 4A member. 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临's advertising creativity is an important component of content marketing, emphasizing the communication and sharing of creative works. It is a creative service that integrates advertising and public relations. In practice, based on big data and audience behavior analysis to establish a creative Big idea, and diverge from this Big idea, create creative content worthy of sharing.

Event management

With plenty of brainstorming ideas and excellent execution capabilities, 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临 creates events with newsworthiness and social influence. 塞班岛官方网址-欢迎光临's event marketing service covers all kinds of creative activities online and offline, and with profound human insights, combine hotspots, scenarios, IP, celebrities, sports, entertainment, public welfare and other factors to sensationalize the brand and promote its popularity and reputation rapidly.